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Town Hall

The first Town Hall was built on the Old market street in the oldest part of the town. During the invasion of the Hussites in the year 1433 that part of the old town was burned down. The town centre has moved and a new main square was made. In its centre master Juraj from Spišská Sobota built a brand new Town Hall in the year 1641 in the gothic style.
After one conflagration the Town Hall was rebuilt in the years 1541-1555 by master Kuntz from Kežmarok in the Renaissance style. In the year 1641 under the leading of the mayor Žigmund Moes a tower was built to the Town Hall and as Juraj Bohuš writes in the year 1720: “the Town Hall is finished by crenellation and on the southern side is the arm of coat with painted picture of justice. Also the tower is decorated by moral notices. During the markets a chosen person beats the leaded drums and the town trumpeter plays the trumpet at the tower… 
In the year 1779 the Town Hall burned down again and was rebuilt in the Classicistic style. The present look and the outbuilding of the second floor acquired after the next fire in the year 1922 and in the year 2002 the façade was completely renewed. The building is today the residence of mayor.



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