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Paulinus church

The church was built on the ground of three other citizen’s houses. It was a present of then evangelical town to the Catholic believers and they could build a church. That time the Holy Cross Church was the property of evangelical congregation and the dominance of German inhabitants was Lutherans after the reformation. The town wanted to present the Catholic Church for being loyal to the town during the dissonance with the family Thökoly. The dissonance with the owners of the castle took almost 100 years.
The first writing reference about this church comes from the year 1654. In the year 1741 the church burned down and six years later was rebuilt in late Baroque style under the managing of the order of Paulinus.
The church’s interior, pulpit and side altars are made in Baroque style. On the top of altar is the Holy Trinity. The original altar was not saved as well as the statues that decorated the façade of the church.


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