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Castle Kežmarok

The castle /Thökoly château/ belongs to the so-called town castles. It was built directly on the territory of town to protect the town from enemies. Building the castle is connected with the family Zápoľský. The castle was mentioned for the first time in the year 1463 and in the year 1528 became a property of the Polish noble family Laský. The castle was acquired unlawfully by the family Thökoly in the year 1579. Four generations of this family lived in the castle till the year 1684. During this time the Thökoly family rebuilt the originally gothic forth into distinguish renaissance residence. During the years 1657-1658 the chapel was built to the castle.
The family Thökoly- especially the Hungarian patriot Imrich Thökoly- was in opposition to the politics of the Habsburgs. After the defeat in the fight against the Habsburgs and after the departure to Turkey the family lost all their property.
The town got the castle from its last owner Ferdinand Rueber in the year 1702. The castle was used for different purposes, for example a storehouse. During the second half of 19th century the decision was made to open the museum in the castle, which was declassified in the year 1931.
Today the whole area is a town museum with different expositions which give evidence of the historical development since its beginning to the 20th century.


Kežmarok Castle

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